A Delicious New York Style Cheesecake Recipe

ny style cheesecake recipe

One of the most popular dessert recipes today is the wonderful NY style cheesecake recipe. Considered a classic dessert, this tasty sweet treat has a long history. NY style cheesecakes are considered one of the more delicate sweet treats. With this in mind, it is no wonder why so many people love and enjoy this dessert.

These wonderful cheesecakes are made with some of the finest ingredients and techniques. Although it is considered a classic, this delicious recipe was created over a hundred years ago in the Italian town of Modena. This Italian city is known for its delicious food and for its rich pastry tradition. The cheesecakes were first made for the celebration of a new religious festival in that region.

Ny Style Cheesecake Recipe

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As it is no secret, today’s NY style cheesecake recipe uses a special type of yogurt called” Culturized yogurt” or” Cultured buttermilk”. This special type of yogurt is commonly used in many Italian desserts. This will also make the recipe a bit stronger and, therefore, harder. In addition to that, you may also add some additional sweetening, such as sugar or even stevia.

There are many differences between this traditional Italian cheesecake recipe and the more popular ones that you usually find today. The main differences centre around the actual preparation of the desert. The traditional recipe starts by heating the yogurt and then pouring it slowly over the cold prepared batter. This will yield an incredibly smooth and creamy cheesecake.

Ingredients You May Add

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “cheesecake”, it is simply a slice of traditional Italian bread with a filling. Traditionally, the filling would be some type of cheese, cottage cheese, ricotta, or even mascarpone. You can choose any cheese you like, which will help make this dessert more interesting. You can also include many different types of fruit, nuts, and even chocolate in the making of this great cheesecake. You can choose to have a simple white cheesecake, which is a little harder to make than a traditional cheesecake, or you can choose to have a black, blue, or even red cheesecake depending on your preferences.

One thing that you must keep in mind when it comes to this delicious cheesecake recipe is that you should never cook it with refined or “white” sugar. These sugars will create an oily, curd-like texture, which is completely opposite of what you’re looking for! Instead, use only natural, unflavored sugars to make this dessert come to life. You can also use Splenda as a substitute for regular sugar.

Preparing The Cake

When it comes to preparing the actual cake, there are many options available. You can bake this dessert as it is, or you can make several different versions of this cheesecake recipe by using different cheesecake ingredients and flavors. If you are looking for a traditional style cheesecake, you can choose to have a traditional cream cheese filling, or you can bake your cheesecake and use a special Graham cracker crust. Either way, you will love the taste of this tasty dessert. If you want a milder flavor, you can use a combination of whole milk, yogurt, and 1% sour cream in the making of this amazing dessert.

Bottom Line

There are many other excellent cheesecake recipes for you to try. If you enjoy baking with homemade tastes, you should really give a New York-style cheesecake recipe a try. Not only will you be able to create a delicious dessert, but you will find this dessert very easy to make and bake. Your family and friends will enjoy this delicious dessert as much as you will!

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