A Gluten-Free Vegan Cashew Cheesecake Recipe

vegan cashew cheesecake recipe

My friends and I used to get together for a dinner party every once in a while. Sometimes I would make a veggie dish, like my delicious cashew cheese soup. Other times I would invite some friends over for a movie night or to help prepare one of my hectic week-end dinners. Often I would pull out the vegan cookbooks I had stashed in my cupboard and pull out one of my favorite vegan recipes. “heres the vegan cheese dip I have been wanting”, I would say with a smile as I handed him the ingredients.

An Overview

A plate of food

The response I got was always the same; “are you sure these recipes are not vegan?”. “the room’s temperature” was an answer I got over again from several friends and family members when I told them I was making vegan cashew cheesecake bars. So let’s take a look at the recipe and see if it is vegan.

Cashews, lemon juice, vegan margarine, vegan yogurt, vanilla extract, non-fat milk, non-fat yogurt, and a pinch of salt. I measured all of these items before I put them in the food processor. This gave me a good measurement of all the ingredients for each recipe and gave me a good idea of the amount of each ingredient needed.

Start the vegan cashew cheesecake recipe by putting the yogurt into a cup and then filling the cup with the non-fat milk. Once the yogurt mixture is smooth and creamy place it in the freezer for about ten minutes. You do not want to strain the yogurt while it is in the freezer. Once the mixture is smooth and creamy, you will ready to mix in the other ingredients.

Main Ingredients

The ingredients you will need to make the creamy cashew chicken curry are basil, onions, garlic, vegan yogurt, lemon juice, coconut milk, salt, and pepper. Start the cooking process by melting the coconut milk. Then add the chopped onions and garlic and mix them until they are softened. Then add in the vegan yogurt and lemon juice and mix them until they are blended. Then add in the basil and parsley and continue to blend until the ingredients are completely blended.

You can find this type of cashew recipe in many health food stores. In addition there are some vegans who have created their own versions of this dessert. Many of these recipes include raw organic coconut oil and a variety of spices and herbs that have been used to enhance flavor and texture. The textures may include; almond paste, ground flax seed, and ground walnut. Some people like to add a layer of silken tofu over the top of the baked cashew cheese.

Making Process

This delicious dessert can be served for dinner after dinner or as an after-dinner snack. You can experiment with this recipe by varying the amounts of ingredients and adding different flavorings. Most cashew cookie recipes will call for you to mix the dry ingredients together in a food processor until they become a paste-like mixture. You can then add this mixture into your cake batter. If you prefer, you can also bake the mixture instead of grinding it and use the same amount of dry cereal as you would for a traditional gluten-free and dairy-free breakfast cake. If you would like to make a rich tea-cake-style pudding you can add a tablespoon of roasted pomegranate seeds and two tablespoons of maple syrup and mix thoroughly.


To ensure that the crust is smooth and shiny, you can beat the mixture until it becomes a smooth paste. Next you will want to spoon this mixture into your pre-made pans or cookie sheets. Make sure that the toothpicks are inserted into the center of each crust and that they are pointing down. This is how you will level the tops of your vegan cheesecake recipes. Next you will cut the prepared crust into fourths and arrange them on the prepared baking sheets.

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