How To Make A Baked Peanut Butter Cheesecake

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The festive season is coming, and everyone is learning to make new desserts that they can serve. Desserts and cakes are complementary to celebrate festivals, and making a homemade cheesecake is a fantastic option. Making a cheesecake may take some time, as it includes various ingredients, but it is worth spending many hours in the kitchen. The cheesecake is a kid’s favorite due to its sweet taste and cheesy texture and makes it different from ordinary cakes. Moreover, making a peanut butter cheesecake is a healthier version, adding a different flavor. The peanut butter cheesecake is crunchy due to peanuts and cheesy and soft due to cheese, making it a perfect dessert with various properties. To make peanut butter cheesecake at home, you do not need many ingredients, and you can get everything in your kitchen or your nearby grocery store. However, you need some experience in baking because baking peanut butter cheesecake requires basic techniques. The essential ingredients necessary for peanut butter cheesecake are peanuts and graham crackers for the crust. The best part about peanut butter cheesecake is the crunchy crust that no cheesecake offers, which makes it different, and craves you to taste it. Hence, are you the one who tries different desserts at festivals when everyone is at your home? Then take a glance at our article on how to make a baked peanut butter cheesecake. Our recipe and guide for peanut butter cheesecake will provide you with the most straightforward way to cook and prepare this dessert at home.

Ingredients For Baked Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Butter Cheesecake
  • · Firstly, to make cheesecake’s crust, you need graham crackers, as it is used to make the crust crunchy.
  • · Secondly, you need peanuts for crust and toppings. Hence, if you want the best texture and flavor, use roasted and mild salted peanuts.
  • · Add sugar for sweetness in cheesecake to avoid tanginess and cinnamon in graham crackers.
  • · You need the best quality unsalted butter to soft cheesecake and melt the butter with technique.
  • · Lastly, you need cream, cream cheese, peanut butter, eggs, and heavy cream for the cheesecake recipe.

Prepare Cheesecake Water Bath

Butter Cheesecake

The water bath is made to avoid cracks in cheesecake, and you need to be careful while preparing a water bath. A minor mistake can lead to water leakage and ruin your crust with water; therefore, make sure to use a springform pan and aluminum foil and proper technique.

Prevent Cracks In Baked Peanut Butter Cheesecake

The first thing you should neglect is properly beating the mixture of cheese, sugar, sour cream, and peanut butter. Make sure you mix the mixture thoroughly and make it smooth with no crumbs. Do not overcook or undercook; follow the guidelines as advised in the recipe. Do not remove the springform after taking the cheesecake out from the oven. Let the cake cool down properly.

Bottom Line

Make sure you garnish the cheesecake with roasted peanuts and present the cheesecake nicely, and serve it to everyone and get their reviews. 

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