Raw Vegan Cheesecake Recipes

raw vegan cheesecake recipes

There are raw vegan cheesecakes recipes that are absolutely delicious and there are those that simply do not taste great at all. This is especially the case if the recipe you are using does not contain raw cashews or coconut oil. In most cases, the flavor profile of these two ingredients is very mild and blends well with a variety of other ingredients. In fact, most raw recipes for cheesecakes will work with any nuts, spices, or flavors that you have on hand. Here is how to get started with this type of recipe.

An Overview

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If you know that you are going to be a little apprehensive about trying raw vegan cheesecakes because you are not sure what they will taste like, you can ease your fears by using a high-quality and reliable vegan cream cheese. You can purchase this kind of cheese from a health food store or from an online retailer. It will also be much easier to find this kind of cream cheese in a container that you can reuse. Simply mix together some nondairy yogurt and some high-quality cashew milk. By applying a little bit of heat to the mixture, you will create a creamy and smooth consistency that will blend well with just about anything that you would normally bake with.

Main Ingredients

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The main ingredient in most raw vegan cheesecake recipes is agave nectar. This flavorful extract has been used for centuries in several raw dessert recipes. By substituting soy milk with the nectar you will achieve a delicious alternative that has tons of nutritional benefits, including higher energy levels and better digestion. If you want to create a dessert that tastes very similar to traditional cheesecakes, it may be a good idea to use some vanilla extract as well.

If you are not a fan of the cashew nuts in the recipe you are baking, you can also just replace them with some flax seed instead. The flavor of the flax seed may be more similar to nutmeg than it is to cashew oil. Just be sure to use a pure seed product, such as raw flaxseed oil or hemp seed oil instead of soy or whey.


Because most raw vegan cheesecake recipes need a crust, most people don’t think to add any type of filling to their deserts. There is a very easy way to add some flavor to your baked dessert by using some applesauce. You can add applesauce along with the crust and bake your dessert. You can also add chocolate chips to your baked dessert to add a little bit of sweetness, but try to keep the applesauce a natural flavor instead of adding a ton of sugar to it.

If you are serving it at a dessert party, you can add a small layer of fudge on the top of the dessert. This is done right before the dessert comes out of the oven. You just transfer it from the oven and into the piping bag. Next, you just take a spout and fill it with a smooth chocolate sauce, then place it in the refrigerator. It will keep for up to one week, which means you’ll have a dessert almost twice as nice when you get to eat it!

Final Tip

If you are going to make this dessert a little more healthy, try adding some frozen cherries or some frozen blueberries. Not only do these freeze beautifully, but they are loaded with many wonderful health nutrients. Almonds are a great addition too, if you don’t like the flavor of the cherries. Almonds are rich in fiber, protein, and have a sweet, nutty flavor that you simply love. Another great combination is to mash up some peaches and put them in the blender. Then blend them until they are a smooth consistency and add some lemon juice or some honey to enhance the flavor.


Raw vegan cheesecakes are so easy and delicious. They have a unique texture and flavor because they contain very little water or fat, but lots of flavor! You can use a food processor to turn up the spice or you can experiment with different flavors by mixing in a variety of nuts, spices, cherries, and fruit. Whatever you decide, you will definitely be happy with the results. Enjoy!

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