Cheese Cake And Cream Cheese History

Cheese Cake And Cream Cheese History

Cheese the product of ancient Greece. In ancient times these cheesecakes are believed and thought to be a energy dish. Due to this believe cheese cake are served in first Olympic among players to provide the energy in 776 BC. This is a famous dish among the Greek public. So Greek bribe help or cook cheesecake for its first cooking ceremony for guests and family.

Cream Cheese is a base for cheesecake. As the name refers cheesecake main and soul part is cheese only. Cream cheese was a product of eighteenth century.

History Of Cheesecake And Cream Cheese
Cheese Cake And Cream Cheese History

More About Cheese Cake

 Cheesecakes are made or prepare with ricotta cheese usually. But for more tasty cheesecakes you will go with anthotyros and myzirtha cheese. Both of the cheese is made up of goat or ship milk.

These cheese are their flavor like they come in salty flavor. And also match with honey for sweetness. Thus some other ways or twist add up to these cheesecakes are like flour add up to cheese or honey before baking.

And it can go with crunch, cherry, fruits, nuts and with Choco chip too.

 Cheesecakes are very famous in America. America is also a hub of Cheesecakes. This country keeps making out one other version of this cheesecake with many twists.

These cheesecakes are filled with a lot of crunch in the base, and chocolate cheesecake is flavored with Oreo as it cuts. Oreo is the best and most preferred cutting by customers and Cheesecakes lovers.

Cheesecakes topping also made of butter and caramel too. And the base made of custard must be bake to absorb the essence of custard. Sour cream, Greek yogurt, heavy cream are also used to prepare cheesecakes. Thus Cheesecakes can refrigerate for a week too. Therefore we can even say that Cheesecakes are not a cake they are sought of the pie.

History Of Cheesecake And Cream Cheese
Cheese Cake And Cream Cheese History

Some Cheese Cake Recipe:


Ingredients required:

8 to 10 blocks of full cream cheese.

Sugar one or one an half cup.

Sour cream.

Vanilla essence.

Lemon juice.

Three or four eggs.

All the ingredients should be of room temperature as they are easy to whisk according to raw parts. Now take a bowl to add blocks of cheese and one cup sugar as more than that lose the tangy flavor of cake mix them lightly.

Pour sour cream, vanilla essence, and lemon juice into the bowl and mix them. Now add eggs into the mixture and whisk softly until it gets fluffy. Thus pour the mixture in a square shaped container and put it in the oven for prebaking.

Till the cake will bake we prepare crunch.

Ingredients For Cunch

Graham crackers




Choco chips.

Now take a pan and put it on the gas on medium flame. Now roast your graham crackers in the pan.

Let them cool. Now Chopper Cashew, almonds, and raisins into sleek slices. Take a bowl and crush Graham crackers into it and add slices of nuts and Choco chips in the pan and mix them well.

Now pour the whole mixture on your pre baked cheesecake base and put it into the oven again for bake. Before serving chilled your cake. It gives a mesmerizing taste to your cake cum pie.

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