Cheesecake Brownie Recipe With Simple And Easy Steps

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Brownies With The Best Cheesecake

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Are you trapped at home on a Tuesday and need a rich, fudgy, chocolaty dessert to brighten your day? My friend, you’re precisely where you should be because now we’re going to show you how to make the greatest cheesecake brownies ever. And I believe you will enjoy them.

Cheesecake Brownies Are Exactly What They Sound Like

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It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that cheesecake brownies Equal cheesecake + brownies. Our favorite chewy brownie recipe is used to make these fudgy cheesecake brownies, which are topped with a luscious layer of cheesecake swirled with some leftover brownie batter. Chocolate, chewy, delicious, and attractive enough to offer at a dinner party, these cookies are a must-try.

What Are The Ingredients For Cream Cheese Brownies?

Cheesecake brownies are created with few ingredients, but the quality of those components is crucial, notably the cream cheese, chocolate, and cocoa!

1-creme fraiche


3-sugar granules

4-extract of vanilla

5-cocoa powder 

6-butter flour


Instructions For Making The Finest Cheesecake Brownies

With just a few changes, cream cheese brownies elevate plain ol’ brownies to the next level! The recipe is simple, but if you follow these three guidelines, you’ll have excellent cheesecake brownies!

  1. High-quality cocoa powder and chocolate should be used: Your brownies will be made or broken by the quality of your chocolate. The moment has come to indulge on the go.
  2. Make sure all of the cheesecake ingredients are at room temperature: ALL INGREDIENTS MUST BE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE WHEN MAKING CHEESECAKE, according to the first rule. Please excuse my shouting, but this is critical. The mixture will not blend together if the cream cheese and eggs are not at room temperature, and you will wind up with clumpy cheesecake.
  3. Avoid over baking the cheesecake brownies: Over baked cheesecake brownies can quickly become rubbery and dry. Two words I don’t want to be associated with my cream cheese brownies. You’ll be OK if you remove the brownies when the cheesecake is still a bit shaky.

What Is The Best Way To Cut Beautiful Brownies?

Brownies, oh brownies. They’re not difficult to cook, but they’re infamously messy to serve. I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about. Brownies are so moist and fudgy that if you use a standard oil knife to cut them, the crumb tends to adhere to the sides of the knife, resulting in ragged, untidy edges. For precise cutting, we have two options:


  1. 4 oz. softened cream cheese
  2. 1 room temperature egg
  3. a quarter cup of granulated sugar
  4. 1 teaspoon extract de vanilla

In honour of the Brownies

  1. 1 pound of butter
  2. 1 cup sugar (granulated)
  3. 1 yolk plus 2 eggs
  4. 1 teaspoon extract de vanilla
  5. 4 ounces coarsely chopped bittersweet chocolate
  6. 3/4 cup flour (all-purpose)
  7. a quarter cup of cocoa powder


Cheese cream brownies are a wonderful freezer candidate. Just wrap the bars in plastic wrap and place them up to 2 months in a resealable bag in the freezer. When you’re ready to consume them, you can thaw your brownies at room temperature.

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