Easy keto Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe- learn to Rock the party banters

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Nothing can be better than a rich heavenly and creamy chocolate cheesecake which is a thicker version of rich chocolate mousse pie. Giving it a keto and low card spin it becomes so much attractive for the vegans and diet conscious people. You might think giving it a keto spin involves a lot of ingredients and a long procedure but you can make this cheesecake with just five simple ingredients without baking it and with an optional crust option. Every Cheesecake recipe involves the use of cocoa powder but here we will provide you with a recipe in which we will use real chocolate which will even increase the taste of the cheesecake to a great level.


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  • Chocolate- You can use either unsweetened chocolate chips or chocolate bars.
  • Cream Cheese- You should use a good quality cream cheese which has less water.
  • Powdered Sugar- Use sugar free powdered sugar.
  • Heavy cream- Cheese Cake gets its thicker and richer flavor from the usage of heavy cream.
  • Vanilla Extracts- Use this for giving the Cheesecake the vanilla flavour.


A close up of a piece of chocolate cake on a plate

Beat the powdered sugar, cream cheese and vanilla extracts together and when it achieves the perfect blend add the melted chocolate in the mixture. Beat the heavy cream in another blender and add the chocolate mixture in the soft formed peaks of heavy cream to mix the both well. After it is mixed well transfer it to the greased container with the prepared crust. Refrigerate it for hours until it has firmed up properly. You can add chocolate ganache if you want.

Alternatives for heavy cream-

Many people want a vegan or dairy free alternative to this heavy cream. You can use canned coconut cream which is the best alternative for heavy cream.

Options for crust-

Most of the people who use the store bought crust for cheese cakes. We are providing you with a keto crust recipe- grind two cups of almonds, two tablespoon of cocoa powder, two tablespoon of keto maple syrup and two tablespoon of sweetner and salt. Once you mix all of this your crust will be ready you can then add it into the container and press it nicely so that it settles in it perfectly.

Tips for low carb Cheesecake-

  • You should use good quality cream cheese.
  • Chop the chocolate before melting it and do not make very stiff peaks of heavy cream.
  • Use chocolate chips and chocolate.

Tips for Storage-

Cover and keep the cheese cake in the refrigerator. It can be stored for 7 days and it will remain fresh. The cheesecake must be covered with freezer friendly container.


Other keto Chocolate cake recipes include Espresso Cheesecake in which espresso powder is mixed with the chocolate mixture, Raspberry Cheesecake and No carb chocolate cheesecake. Enjoy the tasty and healthy cheesecake now!

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