Easy Mini Cheesecakes That Are Lip-Smacking

Easy Mini Cheesecakes That Are Lip-Smacking

Everyone loves cheesecakes. A cheesecake is even better when it’s an easy mini cheesecake. The rich, creamy texture of a cheesecake entices all. What’s even better is how easy it is to make a cheesecake. Easy mini cheesecakes offer the same experience as a full- size one. It is also a portable option to take to parties. Having them at events is also a luxe option. Often cheesecake cracks. You can prevent this by following any of the following methods:

Make sure to not over whisk the ingredients. While working with the ingredients, let the temperature be at the lower end. A common reason for cracking is also overbaking. Once you follow this, you’re good to go. The entire recipe should take nearly 15 minutes of prep time another 15 minutes to cook. It needs refrigeration for eight hours.

Easy Mini Cheesecakes That Are Lip-Smacking
Easy Mini Cheesecakes That Are Lip-Smacking

Ingredients For The Easy Mini Cheesecakes:

For the base of the cheesecake, you will need 150gms of digestive biscuits. Although, you can substitute it with Graham Crackers.

For the filling, you will require-

  • 10.5oz of cream cheese at room temperature
  • ½ cup of sugar
  • Two eggs also at room temperature
  • One teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • One tablespoon of lemon juice
  • One tablespoon of all-purpose flour 6.5
  • 6.5oz of sour cream at room temperature
  • For toppings and garnishing, you could use strawberry marmalade or berries.

Making The Cheesecakes

For the base, using a food processor, you will first have to grind the biscuits into a fine powder and then poured out into a bowl. After that add the melted butter cheesecake and then mix and blend thoroughly.

As these are for easy mini cheesecakes, you then divide and pour out the mixture into a muffin tray. It can suffice for twelve muffin pieces. To even out the dough, use a spoon and press it down.

Easy Mini Cheesecakes That Are Lip-Smacking
Easy Mini Cheesecakes That Are Lip-Smacking

For The Cheese Filling:

Firstly, you need to mix the cream cheese. One must do this until it’s just creamy enough. Keep in mind to set the mixer at a lower speed. While you will have to add the sugar consequently. Add the eggs in the same manner, one after the other. Stir the entire mixture until it is thoroughly mixed.

After this, you will add the vanilla extract, lemon juice, and flour. Mix these ingredients until they are well blended. Lastly, you will add in the sour cream and mix it well.

You can use an ice cream scoop or a spoon to fill it out into the muffin pan. Spread the cheesecake mixture evenly and gently tap the pan to get a flat top surface. For the next step, set the oven at 320F or 160C.

Bake the easy mini cheesecakes in the already preheated oven for fifteen minutes. After checking if the cheesecake has set, you can proceed to the next step. Once the mini cheesecakes are out of the oven, leave them to cool down to room temperature. After this, place them in the fridge to chill overnight and then it’s ready to relish.

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