The Best Hand Mixer If You’re Not Ready To Commit To A Kitchenaid

A hand mixer is often the first baking tool you use at home when you try a cake for the first time. If you are still a newbie in baking and not certain to invest in a proper Kitchen aid, then you can think of buying a good hand mixer instead. But with so many hand mixers available on the market, deciding the right one can be a bit tricky. Below is a useful guide on best hand mixers. This guide will help you choose your own hand mixers.

The Procedure For Testing A Good Hand Mixer

Hand mixers are used for small baking requirements such as whisking the egg, whipping up fresh cream or mixing the cake batter. For the testing procedure, different models are tested to check their efficiency and performance.

Performance Tests

This is done by checking how different hand mixers whisk egg whites and cake batter. The mixers are tested to see if the egg whites form stiff peaks easily. The hand mixer is tested to see how well it can combine wet and dry ingredients for the cake batter.

Ease Of Use

This is done by checking how different hand mixers are easy to use. The use of controls, cleaning, storing the unit and standing the mixer during operation are the main criteria to check the ease-of-use. A good hand mixer should be comfortable to hold, have balance and control and should not strain the wrist while using.

Shop This Cool Hand Mixer Online

Portable Kitchen Electric Hand Whisk

To make your baking job easier, we have this portable kitchen electric hand whisk for you. This light-in-weight kitchen tool lets you relax while you whisk and mix various food ingredients. It is ideal for beating eggs, mixing cocktail drinks, batters and also your facial mask ingredients. It has a compact design, is cute and portable and is so small that you can even put it in your pocket. The mixer is also easy to wash, store and carry. You can easily carry it to a friend’s house if you are up to a baking experiment. This one measures 220 x 45 mm.

Rectangular Ceramic Bowl with Hand-Drawn Design

not only a hand mixer, but we also have a cool ceramic bowl to add to your kitchen collection. This pretty rectangular ceramic bowl comes with a hand-drawn design. It has a thick inner wall that can sustain high temperatures and also spread the heat evenly. This one is self-glazed and non-toxic. It has a smooth surface and is quite easy to clean. You will find that the bowl’s color does not faint even after multiple washes. The unique pattern is hand-drawn and each bowl has a different one. The bottom of the pan is non-glazed and non-slip. It has a lead-free cadmium. Healthy ceramic material is used for its construction. The surface is firm and dense. This bowl is safe for oven/microwave/dishwasher. It can be used for making rice, cheese, noodles, salads, fruits, cake batters, and many other recipes.

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