Know Why Every Home Baker Should Own A Silicone Mat

A home baker may not be a professional at baking but can take their baking skills to the next level by owning some cool tools and accessories. One such baking tool is a silicone mat. A silicone baking mat is a very useful tool as it is reusable. Although it cannot replace the efficiency of parchment paper completely, it is worth the money.

Cupcake Mold Silicone Material
Know Why Every Home Baker Should Own A Silicone Mat

What Are The Features Of A Silicone Baking Mat?

A silicone baking mat is made from food-grade silicone. Many argue that this material is a poor conductor of heat, but the mat has given amazing results in baking food items. Silicone baking mats have an even and nonstick surface. You can get these mats in diverse shapes, sizes and even in vibrant colors. Any food item baked on these mats will never get a burnt bottom. One of the best brands is the Silpat. These mats can handle heat temperatures up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit. They are easy to wash too.

Why Should A Home Baker Invest In A Silicone Baking Mat?

Baking Mats are Reusable

A silicone baking mat can be used more than 2000 times in the oven. A good parchment paper can be used maximum four times before it gets useless. You might find it to become soiled or greasy after a couple of uses. So, once you buy a silicone mat, you will never run out of parchment paper anymore.

They can Bake Any Item that can be baked in a Parchment Paper

There is nothing you cannot bake in a silicone mat as you can do in a parchment paper. These are also used for lining baking sheets for freezing food items, rolling out pie dough or roasting vegetables.

They Deliver Great Results with Cookies

A silicone mat gives an even baking surface and hence your cookies will come out evenly browned.

Silicone Mats Help to keep your Workstation Neat

If you like to keep your counters clean then you must invest in a silicone mat. They can be used for kneading dough and also for candy making.

Some Mats come with Measurements and Guidelines

Many baking mats come imprinted with measurements, markings or templates. You can use these guidelines to roll out your dough precisely. This add-on cannot be obtained in a parchment paper.

Cool Accessories For A Home Baker Online

Pizza Dough Baking Mat

So, if you are a home baker and want to improve your baking skills, then you must invest in a good silicone mat. You can create a dough easily using this Dough Maker Mat. It is a great tool that helps to make a pizza base at home. This mat has a strong absorbent quality. It is non-stick and also quite easy to calibrate. The Dough Maker Mat has passed the inspections of SGS, which is a world-renowned company for inspecting food tools and gadgets. This one is made from food-grade silicone and comes in two sizes. The small one measures 29 x 26 cm and the bigger one measures 60 x 40 cm.

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