How To Make A Classic Cheesecake Recipe

Learn To Make Delicious No Bake Cheesecake

A classic cheesecake recipe is creamy, smooth and very easy to make. You just need to follow some easy steps to make it and you will grab a best cheesecake for yourself. In case you want to learn on making a cheese cake at home, or you want to duplicate your favorite cheesecake recipe, you are at the right place. Below we are listing a recipe to make a classic cheesecake at home in very easy and simple way.

How To Make A Classic Cheesecake Recipe?
How To Make A Classic Cheesecake Recipe?


How To Make A Classic Cheesecake Recipe?
How To Make A Classic Cheesecake Recipe?

Vanilla wafer crust

3 spoon of sugar

½ cup of melted butter

2 cup of vanilla wafer crumbs


1 cup of sugar

24 ounce of cream cheese in a room temperature

½ cup of vanilla extract

1 cup of sour cream

3 spoon of all purpose flour

2 large eggs

Topping Options

Lemon curd

Caramel sauce

Chocolate sauce

Fresh fruit


Instructions For Crust

Set your oven to a preheat option in 163 degree. Line a 9inch of spring form pan with a parchment paper and grease it in the sides. Combine the ingredients of crush in a small bowl and press the mixture in the bottom and in the up side of your spring form pan. You can bake your crust too for the next 10 minutes until it is set to cool. You can also cover up the sides of your pan with an aluminum foil so that the water bath cannot get into it. Set the prepared pan aside.

Instructions For Cheesecake

Make sure that you reduce the oven temperature up to 300 degree. Take a large bowl and beat the cream of chesse, add flour and sugar on a low speed until it gets smooth and combined completely. Make sure that you use it in low speed as it will reduce the amount of air added in the batter as well as will prevent to cause cracks too. Next you can scrape down the sides of the bowl.

Next up, add the vanilla and sour cream extract in the mixer until it is well combined. You can add eggs too at the same time, by mixing everything slowly. Scrape down the sides of bowl so to make sure that everything is combined well. After this, pour the cheesecake batter into your prepared crust.

Next you can place the spring form pan inside a larger pan. Fill up the outside pan with warm water to tat it can go about a halfway up from the sides of spring form pan. Make sure that the water does not go above than the top edge of aluminum foil. You can bake the cheesecake for the next 1 hour 30 minutes until the centre is set and is still giggly. You can remove the cheesecake from the oven and from the water bath refrigerate until its firm for the next 6 hours.

After this, you can remove the cheesecake from the spring form pan and you can place it in the serving dish. Before serving it make sure that you refrigerate it properly. You can serve the cheesecake according to your favorite topping as it can be served till 5 days.

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