Irresistible Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe

Irresistible Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe

Baking a cheesecake recipe is a beautiful experience. Baking is all about its texture. They do not contain any flour and are incredibly smooth and luxurious. No cheesecake recipe will tell you everything you must know but still, we have tried to tell you the easiest recipe with an amazing topping. We have even shared a few tips to take care while baking a cheesecake at the end as it is very smooth to handle.

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Irresistible Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe

This raspberry cheesecake is basically a custard with raspberry topping with a crust. When it enters you mouth and mixes finely all around your taste buds, it gives an immense pleasure and an irresistible feeling. It is a luscious cake and easy to make. It is one of the favourite dessert one can have and has some magic into it. It tastes more of a pie than cake this is the reason it is considered as better than other cakes.

Prep Time: 20 mins

Cooking: 90 mins

Serves: 6


3 tsp milk

2 cups greek yogurt

Two eggs

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 tsp cornstarch

3 cups raspberry

16 oz reduced fat cream cheese

⅓ cup honey

10 graham crackers

Irresistible Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe
Irresistible Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe


Take graham crackers and place them in a plastic bag.

Heat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Now zip that bag and start crushing them.

Powder them finely.

Now pour them in a bowl and add 3 tsp milk in it.

Mix it gently.

Now spread its layer in a baking pan of 9-inch spring pan.

Bake it for 15 mins and cool it after that.

Reduce the heat to 300 degrees F.

Take a large bowl, beat the cream cheese evenly so that no lumps are created.

Add Greek yogurt, honey and vanilla extract in it. Mix it evenly. Now add 2 eggs and cornstarch in it and make it a smooth paste.

Now spread the cheesecake paste on the crust of graham cracker.

Bake it for around an hour and then cool it for around 30 mins.

Now create a topping on the cake. Add some raspberries on the top of the cake in a ring form.

Let the cake chill and set for around 3 hours.

Now unmold the cake, slice it and serve it.


With raspberries, you can add the toppings of your choice. You can even add some more honey as per your taste. Make sure you choose a spring pan for cheesecake as you cannot invert it like other cakes when they are baked. Cheesecake is really soft so it can crack even. This is why spring pan is used, and most important thing, if a crack comes, do not panic. Just let it chill and it can be amended.  Make sure you butter the bottom side of the pan before spreading anything so that when baked it does not stick on the pan. Springform pans can leak as well, so to save your batter to not to leak from the pan, make sure it is thick.

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