Keto Cheesecake Cupcakes – How to Avoid the Sugar Substitute

keto cheesecake cupcakes

If you’ve ever tried making keto cheesecake or any other low carb dessert, you know how quickly you can reach, “I’m too hungry” stage when you’re in the midst of an eating disorder. That’s why it’s important to have dessert on hand when you’re heading out of town – at least one low carb dessert to tide you over until you get home. And luckily for you, there are two simple recipes that allow you to whip up a delicious cup of cake in literally no time at all.

An Overview Of The Keto Cheese Cupcakes

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You’ll never think that these keto cheesecake cupcakes contain only 10 calories per serving, even though they take less than 20 minutes to prepare and bake. It’s the butter and cream in addition to the maple syrup and vanilla that make this recipe so yummy. The key to coming up with this recipe is a simple mix of ground almonds and unsweetened cocoa powder. Just add your favorite flavorings, mix in your wet ingredients and allow it to cook. Watch it, as it will bubble over. Once it does, pour it into cups, cover and refrigerate it.

If baking is not your thing and you just want to drink this delicious dessert, try using low sugar alternatives or Splenda. A zero calorie sweetener, Splenda is naturally made from sugar, rather than corn syrup, and is an excellent substitute. You can also choose to leave out the maple syrup and vanilla for a simpler, healthier treat. Another alternative, if you’re not interested in adding heavy cream, is to use coconut oil and simply whisk in the sugar, cocoa, and sour cream. You’ll get a beautifully thick, moist, velvety cake without the heavy cream.

For those watching their cholesterol, there is a dieter friendly alternative to using a lot of butter in your recipe. Using unsaturated fats instead (such as olive oil) is an excellent idea for both recipes and overall health. Using Stevia as a sweetener can be a healthy substitute as well, without adding calories of its own. Using a Stevia sweetener is a great way to include the health benefits of a Stevia extract in your keto cheesecake cupcakes without any of the heavy cream, sugar, or fat.

They Are High In Protein

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This is a high protein recipe that really doesn’t take long to prepare. Just mix together the cake mix (which will be slightly thicker than traditional cake mix) along with the non-fat yogurt and beat until it’s blended. Next, you’ll add in the non-fat or low fat sour cream and stir until smooth. You’ll then add in your pre-made Graham cracker crust for a nice, authentic flavor and then bake in the oven for approximately one hour and fifty-five minutes or until the cake is done.

The Diet Friendly Option

For another fantastic option, try diabetic friendly to cheesecake cupcakes. All you have to do to make these delicious and low carb cheesecakes is to replace some of the sour cream with a bit of soy milk and bake in a preheated oven for about ten minutes. When finished, you can top each slice with a spoonful of coconut flour or regular flour to help ensure your baked cake has a delicious crunch. Since these cupcakes are very popular among dieters, they typically come in smaller portions. Because you are eating less overall, the carbohydrates in this diet-friendly version are still maintained, making it a great option for people who want to have small bites from a dessert.

In the End

If you’re not on a diet but want to enjoy this delicious dessert, you can still eat these cupcakes. All you have to do is replace the sour cream and cottage cheese with Splenda (a no calorie sweetener) and you’ll get similar flavor and texture. Although you don’t have to give up the tasty ingredients that make this dessert so much fun to eat, you may want to try a sugar alternative to eliminate the Sucralose and other artificial ingredients in your recipe. Just be sure to read labels for both ingredients to make sure they are certified as safe to use in recipes like this one.

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