Look Over The Tasty And Delicious Raw Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake

raw vegan strawberry cheesecake

Are you looking to have some strawberry flavor cheesecakes? Whenever you find any happy occasion or sometimes casually, you would prefer to have something sweet and delicious. Nowadays, you can see that the maximum number of people are moving towards vegan food. Then the best option can be to have a raw vegan strawberry cheesecake. You can have the strawberry flavor, which is usually the favorite of everyone. You would very rarely find any cheesecake vegan, but you can make a vegan cheesecake. It would be more delicious and tasty as compared with the non-vegan cake.

Let’s see one of the simple recipes of raw vegan strawberry cheesecake, and you can certainly keep this cheesecake for a family gathering, party, or any other occasion.

Start Your Raw Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake With A Cracker Crust

A plate with a fork and knife on a cutting board with a cake

Usually, the strawberry cheesecakes are unbaked, and you can make the crust by crushing the cookies and make sure to keep it as firm as possible. You can add the ingredients as melted vegan butter and sweetener. Then you can settle the complete mixture in a cake tin to give it a proper shape.

The Second Step Is To Prepare The Filling For Your Cheesecake.

A piece of cake sitting on top of a table

There are so many fillings for cheesecake with cashew or some other nuts. You can start by having a vegan cream cheese which can give you the cheesecake taste and texture. To give your cake a firm structure, you can use coconut cream. To make a proper filling, you can use lots of strawberries. You can add some sugar to give it a sweet taste. You can add some lemon juice to give some tartness to the cake. You can add flour or cornstarch, which can act as a thickening agent in the cake. If you want to give your raw vegan strawberry cheesecake a color, you can add some beetroot powder to it.

Add The Strawberry Toppings.

You can add some more strawberries to the topping of the cheesecake. You can reduce the water content, which will intensify the flavor. You can even make your cake creamier without any thickeners. You can avoid this by adding more sweeteners to the cake.

Setting your cake

Now you can just set the raw vegan strawberry cheesecake, which is not needed to bake. Your cheesecake is only set with corn flour like pudding or custard.  You can also add coconut oil to it, which can give it a strong mouthfeel taste.

Decorating Your Strawberry Cheesecake

Lastly, your cake is ready, and now you can decorate the cake with some pieces of strawberry.  You can also add some sauce to it, which can give it a creamy texture. You can add the strawberries to the top of the cake, which will make it look very fresh and delicious.


Now, your raw vegan strawberry cheesecake is all set to be served. You can even present it as a birthday cake or someone’s wedding cake. You can even cut it into pieces and distribute it to your guest. You can enjoy your cake with your family and friends.

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