Quick Keto Cheesecake Recipes For Some Delightful Snacking

Quick Keto Cheesecake

There is an endless supply of cheesecake recipes on the internet, which makes for convenient access for any cheesecake lover. Given the large supply, you can bake a different cheesecake each day for a year and still have lots more to choose from. People love having desserts after their meals, but when you are on a Keto-diet, then you have to be very careful about the ingredients of the desserts you eat. Cheesecake is a popular dessert with thousands of people all over the world. So, finding a quick keto cheesecake recipe would mean you can still enjoy your favorite dessert while still maintaining the rules of your particular diet.

Keto Low-Carb Microwave Cheesecake 

A piece of cheesecake on a plate

It is a very easy and time-consuming cheesecake recipe. If you have the ingredients, then go for it and enjoy the table with friends and family. The ingredients include 1 tbsp natural mate all-purpose granular stevia, 2 oz full fat cream cheese softened, ¼ tbsp vanilla, one large egg, 2 tbsp heavy cream. Now back to the preparation method. 

  • At first, add the cream cheese to a medium bowl and heat up to 15 minutes. Then mix the cream cheese until smooth and lumps free mixture forms. 
  • Add vanilla, stevia, and whisk the batter smooth. Then add heavy cream and egg to that batter. Whisk the batter until smooth and lumps free. 
  • Now pour the batter into a microwave-safe 8 oz ramekin. Then cook it for one minute after that again cook for an additional one minute. 
  • After getting room temperature, keep it in the fridge for cool and set. 
  • Thus, it is ready to serve with chilled fruits like berries, grapes, etc. over the cheesecake. Or, you may garnish this cake with a sprinkle of chocolate and with other ingredients. 

2-Minute Sugar-Free Cheesecake (Low, Carb, And Keto)

A close up of a cheesecake

As the name indicated, how quickly the recipe can be prepared! Before preparing the cake, you need the ingredients such as 2-ounce sour cream and cream cheese, one egg, 2 tbsp swerve confectioners sweeteners and heavy cream, ½ tbsp vanilla extract, and lemon juice, ¼ xanthan gum, and pinch salt. Now follow the process to make the recipe fast. 

  • First, add all the ingredients to a stand mixer and blend smoothly. Then spray two 5-ounce ramekins with olive oil cooking spray. Place it into the plate and add half batter to each ramekin. 
  • Microwave the cheesecake at a time for 1 minute, rest for 30 seconds, and then bake an additional 1 minute. It would take 2 minutes overall to bake the cake, and then keep it in the fridge for cooling and setting. 


  • Before baking the cake, preheat the oven to 325-degree F. 
  • Bake until the center is set, firm but still jiggly. 
  • This cheesecake recipe is very mild in sweetness. If you prefer a sweeter cheesecake, then you may add ½ tbsp vanilla stevia. 

These are some quick and easy keto cheesecake recipes that you can prepare within a short time. Apart from that, you can enjoy the dessert while maintaining a diet because the ingredients are healthy.

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