Sara Lee’s Cheesecake Ingredients

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Sara Lee’s cheesecake is one of the most popular cheesecakes ever made. The recipe is quite simple, but she does keep an accurate ratio of all the ingredients. Here is a detailed guide on Sara Lee’s cheesecake ingredients.

Block Cream Cheese

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She uses four 8-ounce blocks of full-fat cream cheese to make the base of her cheesecake. That is equal to 2 pounds of cheesecake totally. However, it is recommended to buy blocks of cream cheese and not cream cheese spread. Many people confuse this by buying cheese spread thinking that it will give the same results. But, it won’t! Also, picking up a diet version of cream cheese will not give you the same results. So, do not pick up the reduced fat variety. It is better to limit your portion size than to make a cheesecake with less fat.


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Only a cup of granulated or castor sugar is required. Cheesecakes are not overtly sweet. A cheesecake that is over sweetened does not taste like cheesecake at all. A cheesecake should be able to balance the tangy and sweet flavor delicately. A classic cheesecake is less sweet and has a balance of tang as well.

Sour Cream

Also, you will need a cup of sour cream. If  you substitute cheesecake recipe with a cup of heavy cream, it will lack stability and richness in flavor. It will turn out to be very soft, but will not have the stability of a cheesecake. Sour cream should be used in all cheesecake recipes.


You should add a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract and also some lemon juice as it will enhance the overall flavor. Vanilla adds balance and flavor to any cake recipe and is always an excellent choice.


Do not skip the eggs. Eggs are needed in a perfect cheesecake recipe. You can beat the eggs one at a time and ensure that you are incorporating them well. Do not overmix your cake batter once you have added the eggs. If you do so, it will add in more air into the batter and make your cheesecake crack or deflate.


All the ingredients should be kept at room temperature so that your batter is smooth and even. It should be at room temperature also because this way, it combines easily. Beating cold ingredients will result in chunky batter and this will not give a good cheesecake.

These are some crucial tips to making the perfect Sara Lee’s cheesecake recipe. Do not miss any step or any suggestion as it will definitely lead to a bad cheesecake. A good cheesecake is often made with patience and the accurate proportions. These ingredient tips will help you make good cheesecakes in future and you will never go wrong with your versions of cheesecake. Sara Lee’s Cheesecake ingredients guide can be used in other cheesecake recipes too.

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