Using Instant Yeast For Baking Bread

Have you ever wanted to know how to make bread from yeast? If you have you will probably want to continue reading and learn how to do it using this easy method. As with most yeasts, this type of yeast is used in making bread dough.

When making bread, you will need some yeast and some sugar. You can find both of these things at a local grocery store or better yet order them online. When you get home take the yeast and mix it with some warm water. The amount of yeast needed will depend on the size of your pot and the amount of warm water you have available. Check the moisture level before you add the yeast mixture.

Yeast For Baking Bread

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The next step is to get some liquid soap. I prefer liquid soap that has a neutral ph. You can get this at any craft store or better yet go to your local health food store. Next you will want to add your sugar and active dry yeast to the mixture. You will also need to take a fresh jar and place about one cup of the soap into the jar.

After you have mixed the ingredients and added them to the pot, you will want to place the mixture in the refrigerator. Let the mixture cool slightly and then use instant yeast to do the hardening process. Once the yeast is done hardening, you can remove the jars from the refrigerator and place the bread inside. If you live in a hot climate, you might want to use instant yeast and leave it out at room temperature in a closed airtight container.

Baking Bread Recipe

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Now here comes the fun part. You are ready to begin your baking bread recipe with the next step being to decide on the flavor you want for your bread. Most people like a sweet flavor, so to achieve this flavor you will want to add some brown sugar to the mix. You will also need to determine how much of each ingredient you will use. In this case, I am using the entire package of instant yeast and about a cup of brown sugar, but it really is totally up to you.

After you have placed everything in the refrigerator and let it cool off, you will be ready to start rolling the mix. If you have a wheat flour blend, this will work perfectly. Otherwise you will have to use whole wheat flour to make sure that your bread rises correctly. Once the dough rises, remove it from the spring feeder and re-roller it until you have formed a rough circle.

Ingredients And Instructions

Next you will want to cut the dough in half and spread out the exposed side of the bread on a large flat pan. Cover the exposed side of the bread with a piece of aluminum foil and place the exposed side of the bread in the center of the aluminum foil. The goal here is to create a tight, even layer of bread. The next step is to take your wet yeast extract and pour it into one of your large bowls that contain about three cups of water. Add about two cups of additional water if the water is already within the bowl.

Last Words

Now all that is left is to combine all of your ingredients together, and allow the ingredients to combine until they are completely blended. You will know when the dough is done when you check to see if the ingredients are fully combined. Then turn the bread over, and just cover the top of the bread with another piece of aluminum foil to prevent the bread from rising again until the next day.

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